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Cosmic Force #5

Allen Carter

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

After seemingly being killed during a meteor shower, five complete strangers somehow survive the next day and awake to find out three important events have changed their lives forever:   1. They each possess strange super-human abilities. 2. Two years have passed, with the rest of the world declaring them legally deceased. 3. Officials from the F.B.I. and the Air Force, mistaking their superhuman power displays from afar as alien spacecraft, have begun tracking them.

It has been twenty-four hours since the battle between the Cosmic Force and Operative Fifty-One occurred in full public view, now what? Well, here’s some of the “what” that goes down in this issue: The president declares martial law on the entire island chain, to protect island citizens from the Cosmic Force, who have disappeared to a new hideout. The army, air force, and F.B.I. however, attempt to bolster their ranks in Operative Fifty-One to give themselves a better numbers advantage against the C-Force. And while this conflict is going on, we learn much more about how the families of the super-hero quintet are dealing with these events.

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