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Coven #1

Mirabelle is a French freedom fighter in WWII who gains supernatural abilities and fights Nazis.

Chris Rizzo and Nick Rivers

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

SS Commander Adalwolf Dietrich makes history when he raises his lover Angelika Mare”s recently burnt corpse from the dead, granting her the powers of a God. They conspire to assemble a coven of demonically possessed warrior women to facilitate the Third Reich”s domination of the free world. Meanwhile, on the streets of occupied Paris, freedom fighter Mirabelle Marceau and her girlfriend, Clamence, pledge their lives to fight for the ideals of freedom and democracy. Together, along with Clamence”s brother Bernard, the women lead a resistance against the occupying Axis forces. All of this is threatened when the women are betrayed, and their secret hideout is raided by Dietrich and his newly christened, “Red Witch.” Impressed by Mirabelle”s spirit and cunning instincts, the Nazis abduct the freedom fighter, planning to transform her into a willing servant of the coven. Will Mirabelle be able to escape the Nazis grasp? Or will she succumb to their evil

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