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Diaperman Vol. 2

Diaperman is missing! Can Sleepers withstand the onslaught of The Black Whip and her new hench-goons, The Fetish Five? And where is the Spanker? Things come to a head as Diaperman awakens from his coma to join Sleepers, only to encounter a renewed, stronger Spanker! Perhaps the Damp Duo need help from the mysterious Straight Arrow!

Michael McAdam, Mike Rieger, Jeremy Thew

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 84

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Imagine a comic world where all superheroes and villains are ridiculous rubber-wearing deviants. Right, pretty much like our world. Except more so. Read Online-01Diaperman, along with his best friend and trusted companion Sleepers, strive to make the City of Megopolis free of the controlling influences of such villains as the Spanker, a rubber-clad ne”er-do-well with a penchant for paddling, and the Black Whip, a demented dominatrix who craves subservience from her minions at the tip of her whip! Other fetishistic characters make up the setting of the city of Megopolis, leaving it up to Diaperman, the Padded Paladin, to fight for justice in his own unique and soggy way.

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