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Dynagirl #3

Cary Kelley, Harold Edge

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

A teenager with incredible speed powers shows up and is scouring the world in search of Kerri Masters, the alter ego of Dynagirl! Meanwhile, Kerri and her newly formed team are confronted with an ever growing and potentially catastrophic storm bearing down on the East coast of the United States. The storm is anything but natural, and it may well have dangerous ties to Dynagirl’;s past. Five years after the tragic end of Fallen Justice we find Kerri Masters struggling in more ways than one with the events of the past. She has retired, and seemingly moved on from her former life as one of the world’s premier heroes. But when she meets a mysterious woman who offers her the chance to return to her glory days as the costumed heroine Dynagirl, she must finally come face to face with the ghosts that seem to haunt her wherever she goes.

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