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Denitsa Petkova

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 230

It was a normal school day, until she imagined an anvil over the wrong head.

A bored high school student named Denny gets caught doodling in class which results in her teacher getting enraged and whisking her into a magical world. Or was it his muse? Denny goes on an adventure to find her own, discover the world of FanFyria and find out just how does it affect her own and the everyday life of the humans.

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1 review for Fanfyria

  1. joeldawn (verified owner)

    I bought both the digital and paperback versions; both are really high quality and can really appreciate the art and the love that goes into drawing each page. From the cover and sample pages, it is already apparent that she is a great artist. Her style is a unique one that is fun and candy for the eyes and suits the comic format well. Panels flow together and make a cohesive story and I’m never at a loss, questioning what just happened. When looking at a panel more closely, there is usually a lot of fun details in the background. There are plenty of times where I found myself laughing over something silly happening back there or even just being caught in plain awe at the atmosphere such as the creepy eyes in the wispy darkness (called the void).

    But there is far more to Fanfyria and the artist herself than the art. A beautiful story is woven between the pages crafted by the blend of art and dialog. The amount of words per page is perfect. The story never feels bogged down in exposition, and the few moments where it almost does is usually done tongue in cheek with the characters pointing it out in their own way that they should already know the information presented. I read the entire book in one sitting and just could not put it down. The pace remains high without ever feeling like a blur. Each location is visited for just the right amount of time and moved on when the plot calls for it. There is no filler and every page has its meaning whether its to move the story forward, tease the reader with mystery, or provide some comedic relief.

    The story is captured most simply as the title puts it – about the artist and her muse. A fantastical world is created and built around inspiration and the act of creativity itself and it is really fascinating and enjoyable to visit. It’s a moving and inspiring tale that leaves me feeling pained for lost creations of my past and urging me to once again pick up that pencil and paper and create. I definitely look forward to future projects from Denitsa Petkova!

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