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Fenris #1

After following the trail of carnage, two agents manage to get in contact with the handler of the man called Fenris. A mysterious island appears through satellite surveillance and many governments believe it to possibly be a sanctuary of Dr. Alonzo Petrie, the legendary Monster Maker. It becomes a race for interested parties to capture a unique anomaly briefly sighted. Can the man called Fenris track this strange quarry before the other nations stake a claim? And then there’s the threat of the mutated Über-sapien known as Komodo Khan!

Anias Gurle, Art Werx, Sky Owens, Tim Tyler

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Once serving as a covert Über-sapien hunter for a worldwide shadow agency, one man decided to freelance on his own, without the shackles of restrictive Government oversight. His exploits remain in the darkness as he is whispered to be a myth. Many believe that he is merely a legend, a lone wolf of unfathomable abilities, known only as Fenris.

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