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Sugary Serials #05

Kyubikitsy & Kimonostereo, Robert Burke Richardson, Roe Mesquita, Jesse Heagy, Jared Rourke, Richard Stevens

Standard Comic
Full Color
28 pages

Sugary Serials is a comics anthology of all ages, full-color comics created with the sensibilities of the Saturday Morning Cartoon in mind. Get ready for stories with vibrant characters and a good mix of danger and fun. Reading in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal is not required, but highly recommended. Good for big and little kids! Sugary Serials #5 features the second act to Kyubikitsy & Kimonostereo's nemu*nemu: Who Is The Crimson Scarab? in which Anpan digs deeper to determine whether or not his owner, Anise, is actually the arch-nemesis of his hero, Henshin Rider. We also feature two new stories this issue, first of which is Super Pet Mojo, by Robert Burke Richardson and Roe Mesquita: When Earth's Protector, Constable Galaxy, goes missing, it's up to the constable's pet, Mojo, to fill in his shoes. Does hilarity ensue? Of course it does–and Mojo fetches it himself! In Richard Stevens' The Elements of Destiny, Lance and company begin a quest to find out the origin some mysterious mechanical parts–but in this strange land where fantasy and technology come face to face, evil is never far behind. It's all ages excitement in the style of Saturday Morning Cartoons! The perfect gift for the young comics lover in your family, or the young-at-heart comics lover who grew up on the cartoons of the 80s!



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