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Sugary Serials #11

Naomi Jardine, Josh Alves, Robert Burke Richardson, Roe Mesquita

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Sugary Serials is a comics anthology of all ages, full-color comics created with the sensibilities of the Saturday Morning Cartoon in mind. Get ready for stories with vibrant characters and a good mix of danger and fun. Reading in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal is not required, but highly recommended. Good for big and little kids! Sugary Serials #11 is packed to the gills with great stories for readers of all ages! Whether you love funny animal stories, high-noon shoot-outs with a sci-fi/superhero twist, or creepy tales of darkness and monsters, this one has something for you! This issue features the conclusion to Naomi Jardine's funny animal adventure FLATLAND! Obsessive yet lovable gopher Pockit wants nothing more in life than to complete his “to do” list and enjoy his beloved grassy patch. But when Mercer the frog invents a time machine helmet, Pockit and his friends are plunged into a wild race through past and future in a desperate attempt to get home! This issue also debuts two new stories, starting with Josh Alves' THE ADVENTURES OF THE ARAKNID KID! When the obnoxious Jack Pack rides into town, The Araknid Kid thinks it's just another day of crimefighting in Obie City. But unbeknownst to all, there has been a surge of abductions in the city, and the answer to the mystery may lie in a fallen meteor and a travelling circus! In possibly the creepiest story in the Sugary Serials lineup yet, Robert Burke Richardson and Roe Mesquita's CITIES OF THE TROGLODYTES, young Charlie Under and his sister Jenny begin a quest to the sub-basement of the Numena Building to find their father, who for some reason has turned into a troglodyte! Sugary Serials #11 also features a “Back of the Box” fun and games page, as well as links to our “Secret Stuff” page, containing special downloads offered only to purchasers of the print edition! A metric ton of entertainment for a young (or young-at-heart) lover of comics and cartoons!

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