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Fetsoldier #1

A murder of a prominent member of the Academy leaves the community shocked. With assassinations and threats looming around every corner, how will our kinksters protect themselves? And who can be trusted?

Michael Bretten, David Keener

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

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In the city of Passive, a Murder has happened. That of, up and coming political figure, Eve Stone. Two homicide detectives Ben and Strip who are assigned to the case are quickly lead to a discreet school called The Academy. At The Academy, they discover Eve was a founding member and iconic mentor in the city’s underground BDSM kink scene. Shortly after this, a memorial service is held in Eve’s honor, where many of Eve’s past students and friends gathered to mourn her loss. During this service a right-wing terrorist group called the Moral Order strike, killing many and burning The Academy to the ground. From the bloody carnage, a small group survives. Believed to be dead to the world these individuals go into hiding in a dungeon called Secrets for safety. As the homicide investigation continues, the Moral Order grow in power, causing the survivors of The Academy massacre to take to the streets with their scene identities and kink toys now turned leather weapons to defend the targets the Moral Order attack. As the investigation continues it is discovered that not all are who they appear to be in the kink scene and that many hold dark secrets and will do anything to keep them hidden. This story is how The Fetsoldier’s formed and the horrific struggles they each faced as a Fetsoldier.

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