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Hoodratz In Space Sketchbook #4

Four young girls who dream of becoming the next hottest female vocal group find that they must now save Earth from a deadly enemy from space. An enemy controlled by a single nexus somewhere deep in space. Are these new heroines up to the challenge? Can they save Earth from becoming a derelict planet? With only raw skill, musical talent and dynamite looks -not to mention sheer luck- these girls will face unimaginable adversities. And once they reach it, true terror begins.

Erik Reeves

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 50

As the Hoodratz In Space continue their mission to save our Galaxy, they continue to get closer to solving the mystery of what happened to NAOMI. Methodist bravely seeks out to find the missing search probes on a mysterious uncharted planet that unbeknownst to the Hoodratz In Space is the secret new base of the Aock King and his New Aock Queen.

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