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Miss Anthology 2017

Miss Anthology 2017 is an anthology featuring the work of 15 female and genderqueer comic creators, academics, and writers from the Pacific Northwest region.

Bronwyn Thomas Heather Distefano Carmi AKA Spicyyeti Sarah Diamond Nika Nagy Alex Sasha Sandoval Jenny Blenk Andréa Gilroy Kinoko Evans Liz Yerby Anna Vo Kelly Fitzpatrick Melanie Stevens Mack Carlisle Emily Lewis

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 98

The anthology is divided into four sections. Section 1 – The Artists: Comics by female and genderqueer artists aged 13-18 Section 2 – The Instructors: Comics, concept art, and essays by instructors who taught at our free workshops. Section 3 – The Workshops: Photos and descriptions of our free workshops. Section 4 – The Founders: Essays about the Miss Anthology project.

Miss Anthology”s mission is to support racially and economically diverse female and genderqueer youth by teaching professional skills through hands-on workshops, and publishing their work in print and online. By introducing these young artists and writers to the comics and the art industries before they graduate, they will gain a firm understanding and head start on their careers, as well as an established network of peers within this otherwise white, cis male-dominated field.

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