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Intrepid: Heroes & Villains Vol. 1

In the Age of Guardians, all is not as it seems. It is a world that has abandoned the heroes it once venerated and has instead chosen to champion its’ own causes. However, a hidden threat looms over all. A faceless enemy so deeply entrenched that its’ existence has gone unnoticed by the defenders of this age. An enemy, if left unchecked, would usher in a dark era of subjugation the likes of which the world has never imagined.

Jose Loeri, Montos

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 168

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Intrepid is the story of unique individuals, thrown together by chance, who stumble upon a vast conspiracy. Their goal is to save one life. However, as their investigation deepens and the threat becomes clearly defined, they will find that the fate of the world may hang in the balance. For now, witness the birth of those who will one day be called the greatest heroes of their generation. The “Heroes and Villains” story arc explores the critical events that will bring these champions together. The Age of Guardians has ended. Long live the Intrepid!

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