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Intrepid #7

Lt. Nadia Chavez’s destructive rampage has been brought to an end thanks to Joseph Paxton, his newfound allies, and the Golden Brigade. But at what cost?

Jose Loeri,Bruno Lima, Dan Olvera, Stan Webb, Raymond Francis

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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The city of San Miguel lay in ruin with no survivors, the ranks of the Golden Brigade have been decimated, and the tensions between the United States and Mexico have reached a boiling point. In an effort to make sense of this international incident as well as to lift the shroud of conspiracy looming over the abduction of Paxton and the subsequent transformation of Lt. Chavez and others into living weapons of mass destruction, a special U.S. envoy has been dispatched to Mexico. The task now is to uncover the truth, to unmask the “powers that be” who have evoked this bloody state of affairs. And while exposing the culprits may bring closure to a year’s worth of machinations, the ramifications of this truth may stretch into the distant future.

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WERE HEROES… They were valiant superhuman warriors who fueled our imaginations and made us believe in the impossible. They inspired and protected us. They were truly our champions. In time however, our heroes proved all too human. The HEROIC AGE came to an end and we decided to champion our own causes. Thirty years have passed since the heroes fell and in their place stands a different sentinel. An agency dedicated to protecting us against the villains of the world. But have these heroes also betrayed our trust? THE STORY BEGINS…

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