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Johnny Saturn #06

Scott Story

Standard Comic
Full Color
24 Pages

Johnny Saturn is like mythology, with superheroes, in the Midwest. His is a world of high-flying, trendy metaheroes who live like celebrities, and a shadowy, back-alley world where mystery men, those old school vigilantes who rely on their fists and indomitable wills, wage lonely wars on crime. Johnny Saturn is a heady blend of horror, conspiracy theory, metaheroes, paranormal phenomena, and both modern and classical mythology.

First there was the War in Heaven, and now there is the Dirty War! It’s an all-out battle for the top spot in Spire City’s organized crime, a conflict between Dr. Wissenschaft, an old, Nazi cybernetics scientist bent on creating his own vision of the perfect human, and Tactical, a former Baltic area patriot betrayed by his own government. Now the new Johnny Saturn is faced with a tough choice-make a deal with a devil, or let Spire City spin out of control forever. Either way, there will be hell to pay!

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