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Johnny Saturn #12

Scott Story

Standard Comic
Full Color
24 Pages

Johnny Saturn is like mythology, with superheroes, in the Midwest. His is a world of high-flying, trendy metaheroes who live like celebrities, and a shadowy, back-alley world where mystery men, those old school vigilantes who rely on their fists and indomitable wills, wage lonely wars on crime. Johnny Saturn is a heady blend of horror, conspiracy theory, metaheroes, paranormal phenomena, and both modern and classical mythology.

The Siege of Squadron Premier Plaza is over, and now it’s time to bury the dead as assess the future. For Johnny Saturn, the questions keep coming–what is his relationship with the Squadron Premiere? Has his mental health become an issue, or is it still an asset he can take advantage of? The answers aren’t easy, and Spire City and its heroes hang in the balance!

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