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Kinetigirl #1

Erin is the clumsiest, most ordinary girl in her high school until one day, after waking from brain surgery following an accident, she finds she’s imbued with the power of telekinesis. The difficulties of high school life now seem less daunting with Erin’s extraordinary new abilities, but she’ll soon learn that dealing with these powers won’t always be a walk — or a float — in the park.

Austin Guttery

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 178

It’s Erin’s birthday today, but more importantly, it’s the final day of her big photography competition at school! The prize? A full year’s scholarship to the art school of her choosing. She thinks this might be just what she needs to finally convince her parents to let her pursue photography instead of joining the family business, like her sister. So Erin and her best friend Gen have hatched a plan to secretly win the competition right under her parents’ noses and surprise them with the scholarship! But rivals, assistant principals, and the whims of fate and coincidence have all conspired to make sure it won’t be an easy day, maybe even one that ends in disaster!

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