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Kinetigirl #2


Erin is the clumsiest, most ordinary girl in her high school until one day, after waking from brain surgery following an accident, she finds she’s imbued with the power of telekinesis. The difficulties of high school life now seem less daunting with Erin’s extraordinary new abilities, but she’ll soon learn that dealing with these powers won’t always be a walk or a float in the park.

Austin Guttery

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 246

Emergency at the football field! Erin is clinging to life under the watchful eye of the hospital’s best and brightest, but the only way to save her is to attempt something dangerously drastic! Everyone is on edge to see if she’ll make it through the night, but the sudden arrival of a very important guest promises to change Erin’s outlook in ways no one imagined. Is this surprise visitor here to change things for the better? Erin’s friends and family want to think so but the only way they’ll know for sure is when Erin wakes up!


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