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Mad Science Comics

Steve Ditko, Tom Sutton, Dan Adkins, Emilio Bernado, Ferran Sostres, Chic Stone, Ramon Torrents, Norman Nodel, Maelo Cintron, Vince Alascia, Felipe De La Rosa, Michael Kaluta, Jesus Duran, Domingo Alvarez, Chuck McNaughton, Joan Cintron, Al Hewetson, Chic Stone, Michael Kaluta Joe Gill, Augustine Funnell

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

Mad Science Comics is an insane explosion of re-animated corpses and alien antics! Cases of Cthulu, mutants, space invaders, time travel, vampires, and Frankenstein freaks! Horror and sci-fi hits like Game Of Skill, The Mad Nightmare World Of H.P. Lovecraft, The Angry Things, Master Of The Dead, The Victims, The Butcher At The Earth’s Core, Shift: Vampire, The Castle, The Essential Horror, The Sting Of Death, The Weird And The Undead, The Cosmos Strain, The 300th Birthday Party, Artifacts, The Doom Star, The Corpse, The Night In The Horror Hotel, and The Truth Behind The Myths About Bats!

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