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Made Flesh

Lars Kramhoft, Tom Kristensen

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 128

From the wickedly creative minds of writer Lars Kramhøft and artist Tom Kristensen of Denmark comes MADE FLESH, a 124 page, full color graphic novel. The story of Made Flesh is a deviant tour de force of serial killer horror and supernatural terror. It has a uniquely European style that takes the reader away to the Danish countryside and the evils lurking within small town history. The gritty and raw art style of MADE FLESH underlines the psychological dread of this dark tale. The resulting marriage of text and imagery makes for a viscerally frightening experience that has no equal.

A promise is a promise. But for Michael Langer, his fateful pact with the sorrowful ghosts of his past may just mean his doom. His childhood home of Heslev Manor in Denmark hides a dark secret… a malevolent force is growing in strength and Michael may be the only one that can stop it.

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