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Man In The Mask Emerging From The Shadow

Tommy acceptsa massive responsibility.

Mike W. Belcher, Aiden Belcher

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 120

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Imagine one day you found out your grandfather was the masked hero that had been protecting your city for decades. Pretty cool, huh? This is what happened to Tommy Franklin when he was nine years old. That same day he got the offer of his young life. His grandfather asked him to take over the masked identity so he could continue to protect the city. MAN IN THE MASK: EMERGING FROM THE SHADOW is the journey Tommy takes after accepting this massive responsibility. Along the way, he learns things don’t always turn out like you imagined. And, his acceptance might not be as certain as he thought.

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1 review for Man In The Mask Emerging From The Shadow

  1. Jdking01 (verified owner)

    I’ve read comics my whole life. I started out with Marvel Comics in the mid 80s, and loved the soap opera aspect and good guy heroics. In my teens I moved to more indie, small press titles, with their more personal stories and deeper characterization.

    Mike Belcher’s Man in the Mask title is a delightful mix of the two. Yes, it is ostensibly a “superhero “ book, about masked characters and their thrilling exploits. And it very importantly features a lead character who does good deeds simply because it’s the right thing to do (a major selling point for me these days). But it’s also a very personal story about a family, and the joy and drama between the different generations involved. As such , this book has way more heart than most of what you’ll find from the mainstream these days.

    The art is open and inviting. The storytelling is clear and strong. The characters shine, from the leads to the cameos. And it’s an all ages book that I think would appeal to readers of different ages. Highly recommended.

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