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Is There A Man In The Mask


The City of Freebourne has a masked protector that watches over them.

Mike W. Belcher, Aiden Belcher

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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For five years, Freebourne City has been an example of order and relatively low crime. Reporter Skip Hoover has come to town to figure out what’s going on and to see if the rumors of a masked man are true. The biggest problem, no one has seen a thing. Skip can’t find anyone to talk about it. Frustrated, he finds himself at the bar Neil’s Place to drink his troubles away.


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1 review for Is There A Man In The Mask

  1. Biancaa77 (verified owner)

    Is there a Man in the Mask? The title itself is interesting and adds curiosity but some comics that seem interesting can often let you down with the boring story that seems to drag on. I don’t think that this is the case for that however. I enjoyed first reading this comic book because it almost instantly gives the reader insight in a cool and cleaver way on why the question the man in the mask. I appreciate that because I do not like to be left in the dark when it comes to reading, I prefer to gather up much information on the story as possible. The conversations that go on in this comic gives off an older vibe to me which makes sense since it is gentleman talking clearly they won’t be using slang or any newer terms however the conversations still kept me interested despite that. The artwork is simplistic but that doesn’t make it bad. I’d say the only actual action scene was a little dull and I think the blood is a bit too simplistic or childish for this however knowing that this is a comic book targeted for all ages I think that it makes sense that it isn’t violence heavy or too bloody. I was surprised by the outcome of this comic and I’m glad that it wasn’t obvious. Towards the end I thought they revealed already who the masked man was only to find out I was wrong by the next scene. A small simple twist that I didn’t see coming really added a lot to this comic I think. This is the type of comic book that you can pick up and finish in one continuous read and since it’s short it doesn’t bore you but keeps your attention. That being said “Is there a man in the Mask?” Is a conversation heavy comic book so if you would prefer something with more action this wouldn’t be the right comic for the reader. I enjoyed that this is a short story to the actual comic book and I appreciate the sketches of the characters they added towards the end of the comic. This definitely gives enough information to be a complete story and doesn’t seem to be missing any parts. The lack of action for this super hero type story makes sense once you realize it’s only giving you a taste of the actual comics that they create and for that reason I think that is a perfect comic to see how the others would turn out.

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