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Midnight Stranger Special Edition #1

Comatose after a murder attempt, Benjamin Blake’s desire for revenge reached into the cosmos and found the otherworldly manifestation of Vengeance known as Siege-L. Together, at the stroke of midnight, Blake and Siege-L become the cosmic avenger known as The Midnight Stranger!

Lloyd Smith, Joe Koziarski

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

Four tales of cosmic revenge! The origin of the Midnight Stranger in Dreaming Men Are Haunted Men! The Midnight Stranger’s alter egos, Benjamin Blake and Siege-L come to a grim agreement in, Fatal Decision! The Midnight Stranger wreaks havoc on a group of evil youths in, For the Love of Money! (From Diversions #3) And a gang of robbers is sent to their dooms by The Midnight Stranger in, Depot of Death! (From Diversions #5)

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