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Monstrosities #1

Jim Beard, Eric Johns, Ben Truby, Rob Davis

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

Writer Jim Beard: “MONSTROSITIES is a work-in-progress. “The book began as an idea for a Universal Monsters comic book pitch that I had assembled with a fellow writer, but one I set aside when he moved on to other projects. After I realized that Universal seemed dead set on re-imagining their classic creatures in new films and that my ode to their old black-and-white classic films wasn’t likely to be something they’d be interested in, I decided to take my basic story and make it all my own. “MONSTROSITIES was born. ‘It’s alive!’ you might even say.” In this introductory issue readers meet Jim Beard’s versions of Dracula, The Frankenstein Monster and the Last Werewolf.

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