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Moontachi Gaiden Vol 2

A struggling musician crosses into Alistor’s path as he continues his journey to collect the five mirror shards. While General Scrap Ram begins his monster attacks through the city, Alistor discovers the musician is more than meets the eye as he learns about his rocky past. With Axe on the team, Alistor and friends will venture through a daycare center, a classical music act, and even come across a wacky showdown with a chef. Growing weary of his subordinate’s failures, Vilevelious decides to take the stage. With the odds against them, will they survive the Emperor’s wrath or bite the dust?

Max Mathesius

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 138


When the sun leaves, the moon shall rise! One fateful summer, a chef gets a ragtag team involved in his shady schemes. Wanting to be like the Great Moon, Alistor yearns for an adventure outside his everyday life. Till one fateful day, Mr. Rare crosses into his life and grants his wish. Now he must survive the countless demons that are attacking his world, but with help from a money-hungry chef named Bamboo, he gets to experience a hilarious adventure of a lifetime. Determined to make a name for themselves, our heroes become aggravated as unexpected factors enter into the conflict. Yet with all the crazy problems they face, everything comes tied towards one goal; a treasure waiting to be uncovered. For better or worse, follow their bodacious story as the world that humanity once knew evolves into something extraordinary.

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