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Mr. Jigsaw #14

Ron Fortier, Gary Kato

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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After being kidnapped, drugged and mind-attacked Mr. Jigsaw is in an addled state in which his body parts start running amok, controlled by his subconscious!

Charlie Grant, after his mother is caught in a molecular transfer machine accident, is born with the ability to detach his body parts and manipulate them independent of his body. In his youthful desire to become a super-hero like his comic book hero “Captain Justice” he dons a costume and heads off to Portland, Maine where his new life as “MR. JIGSAW” begins!

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2 reviews for Mr. Jigsaw #14

  1. KNO (verified owner)

    This issue maintains the greatness and fun of the Mr. Jigsaw series as it reflects on previous issues in an invigorating way. The story and artwork of the Fortier/Kato team is excellent! As with every other issue of Mr. Jigsaw, this one cannot be missed!

  2. tmadoc (verified owner)

    This issue hilariously acts as a “Greatest Hits” for Mr. Jigsaw! Jiggy hallucinates that his friends are actually his old enemies, and only his friends can snap him out of it! Great story, great art as always!

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