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Mr. Jigsaw #15

With the assistance of the reality show “Ghost Finders” Mr. Jigsaw and his usual cast of characters investigate a haunted house.

Ron Fortier, Gary Kato

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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Also included in this issue is a special visit by Mr. Jigsaw to the Colorado Comics convention ROCKY MOUNTAIN CON. The usual fun and mayhem ensues.

Part superhero tale, part slice of life, Mr. Jigsaw follows the life and adventures of Charlie Grant who can detach parts of his body and control them independently- which leads to some wild adventures for Portland, Maine's first superhero.

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1 review for Mr. Jigsaw #15

  1. KNO (verified owner)

    As expected, Mr. Jigsaw #15 is a fun and entertaining read, with heartwarming moments and real human touches. The first story relays Mr. Jigsaw becoming a ghost hunter on a television show, seeking the mystery of a boy who disappeared in the 1920s during a game of hide and seek. His sister hears of ghostly appearances at their home at the time, and hopes Mr. Jigsaw can help solve the mystery.
    The second story relates Mr. Jigsaw appearing at the Denver Comic Con. Highly recommended, as is every issue in the Mr. Jigsaw series!

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