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Comic Book Guide For The Artist, Writer, Letterer

Nicola Cuti’s 1973 Comic Book Guide for the Artist, Writer, Letterer from Charlton Comics is an instructional look at the process of comics storytelling. It details a commonsense approach to constructing and drawing comic book stories, even if the tools have evolved since then. Despite changes in technology, the basics that are logically conveyed here remain the same.

Nicola Cuti, Frank Bravo, Nicola Cuti, Steve Ditko, Al Fago, Wayne Howard, Joe Staton, Tom Sutton

Manga Type Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

The Comic Book Guide for the Artist • Writer • Letterer is a rare, sought-after collectible produced by one of comicdom”s most gifted creators, and Charlton Neo is proud to re-present it. Take a step back and immerse yourself in the state-of-the-art tools and techniques of 1973, courtesy of Nicola Cuti and the Charlton artists! Everything you need to know about comics, but were afraid to ask! Learn all the terminology of creating comics from writing, drawing and lettering! Despite the advent of computer technology aiding comics creation, many of the tools of the trade remain the same as in 1973 when this book was produced! Features lots of Charlton artwork from the era by a variety of cartoonists to help illustrate how comics are written and drawn! Also includes a copy of the Comics Code of the era. See what you couldn”t do in comics back then! With a Tom Sutton cover scanned from the original art and newly recolored by Mort Todd.

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