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One-shot! #1

Rejena Smiley

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Anxious Asaoka needs help coping with becoming more successful in her writing career and becoming more busy with her dating life! After talking with her friend, Donna, about her recent breakup, she wishes to quit dating, altogether. Asaoka tries to focus on her writing to forget her relationship problems, but she discovers that her writing career is suffering as well! After committing to an emergency date, Asaoka discovers that she is treating her stories just like her many boyfriends– jumping from one story to the next and never settling down with one boy to date. Mortified, she contemplates her past to find that she’s always lacked commitment. Furiki Sono, Asaoka’s long-time fan and neighbor, tries to convince Asaoka that her problems are not as complicated as they seem. Since her problems are interconnected, can they also be solved with a simple solution? What’s a busy writer to do?

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