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Outpost Purgatory Collected Edition

Collecting the entire eight issue mini-series into one graphic novel!

Jay Carvajal

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 178

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The year is 2163. Corporations have ruled the planet for nearly forty-four years and have installed their own planetwide government. Wormholes were discovered over a century ago and man has taken to the stars due to dwindling resources. They have discovered thirty-four habitable planets with indigenous life forms who are not welcoming to their need for expansion. War has been declared on them all. President Woodland, leader of earth, is visiting an army base on Tunraq, the first planet war was declared upon forty-three years ago. He is about to broadcast an important announcement live to the universe. Many believe that he is about to declare a victory in the War for Expansion. President Woodland has his own plans…

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1 review for Outpost Purgatory Collected Edition

  1. Greg Granderson (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this story! Great action, great art work! I plan on reading more of Mr. Carvajal”s work.

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