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Persia The Lightning Dragon #2

Having survived a horrific afternoon on the eve of her Xia dynasty exhibition, Persia settles in for a good night’s sleep. Only to be confronted by her destiny told to her by Ying Long, the Chinese Rain Dragon in her dream. Upon awakening, Persia discovers she has the powers of the Lighting Dragon! But how to control them? Enter Loo Tan her ancient ancestor and now personal trainer. On the other side of the world Persia’s nemesis, the Black Dragon and his minions grow in strength. Preparing for the final confrontation!

Edward Sims, Brian Brinlee, Bryan Arfel Magnaye

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Dr. Persia Dushon, an archeologist, discovers that she is the descendent of Loo Tan the ancient Chinese hero of the Xia dynasty. Once in close proximity to Loo Tan’s tome, she awakens a power buried deep within her. The POWER OF THE LIGHTNING DRAGON!

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