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Persia The Lightning Dragon #1

Dr. Persia DuShon, the archeologists, is the descendant of an ancient Chinese hero named Loo Tan “The Lightning Dragon.” Born with the powers of the Lightning Dragon, Persia fight a never-ending struggle with the evil forces of the Black Dragon!

Edward L. Sims, Luca Cicchitti, Bryan Arfel Magnaye

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Dr. Persia DuShon, back home in Iron Horse City, Illinois, U.S.A., is getting ready to celebrate her finding of the Loo Tan burial site; when she is caught by surprise by an old friend (Tina Richards) in need of help. Persia springs into action but is soon overwhelmed by creatures from the realm of nightmares. Wait! Is that the spirit of Loo Tan come to awaken the sleeping force within Persia?!

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