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Violent Crime Vol 1

A collection of Charlton Comics most shocking pre-Code crime comics!

John Belfi, Stan Campbell, Art Cappello, Dick Giordano, Al Fago, Dennis Laugen, Carl Memling, Lou Morales, Sal Trapani, Albert Tyler

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

GETTING A-HEAD Here is a sinister switch on the old triangle problem. This one is slightly different in that one loses his head over a woman, causing the other one to literally lose his head! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #10, January, 1953. ROUND-TRIP TICKET This story will take you on a stormy bus ride through limbo… and it may teach you to keep a civil tongue in your mouth! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #11, March, 1953. EXPLOSIVE! Watch out for this story! It ends with a bang and may leave you in pieces! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #11, March, 1953. THE BLACK CLOSET If you”re not to squeamish, read this story! You be treated to a brief review of nature studies… especially with insects and vermin! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #12, May, 1953. BREAKOUT! Death row convict Sam Thomas learns that the more you try to escape your fate may just bring you closer to doom! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #12, May, 1953. HOT SEAT! An electrifying tale of crime with a shock ending! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #13, July, 1953. MURDER ON TIME! A hen-pecked husband, terrorized by his wife”s constant nagging, leads him to devise a murderous plot! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #13, July, 1953. SHARP IDEA!!! Lester is a thief with an eye for gems, but not too savvy about ancient armor and torture devices! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #13, July, 1953. THE LAST DROP Al”s plan to murder his wife for insurance money seemed too good to be true… and it was! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #14, September, 1953! PLUS BONUS COVER GALLERY The original covers to Charlton”s Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #12 & 13! NOTE: These stories have been reproduced from the vintage comics of over 60 years ago. Attempts have been made to clean up the pages to make them look as close to the original printed experience as possible, flaws and all!

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