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Peter Pan The Vampire #3


Black and White Variant Edition Available

Peter Pan’s group the Lostboys are in the Arctic to rescue a newbie vampire slayer from being drained by the vampire Jack Frost. After Peter defeats Jack and throws him into space Peter is caught in the sun before returning to earth in a fireball. The vampire Maui must give the slayer the option of dying or drinking vampire blood and becoming that which she hunted.

Gary Brantner

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 12

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All fairy tales and myths are true to some extent. Most of them are still alive and living among us. This comic book follows the Vampire Peter Pan and his friend’s lives. Peter Pan is injured from and being chased by a young vampire slayer. Pan finds a crypt to stay in while the sun is up and his rest is interrupted when the slayer finds him and forces him to fight for his survival.

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