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Pizza Boyz Season 3

Come on by and hang out with the ole gang of Vince, Dunni, Kyle, Cisco, & Audrey. Enjoy the party, pour a cool drink, & grab a slice, you deserve it.

Spencer Scott Holmes

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 128

Stories of the grand journey through lazer tag into the heart of darkness, relieving those skateboard memories again, video game addiction fun, testing the brutal movie tolerance, the Pizza Girlz get their very own pad, a rowdy crowd leads to a cinema brawl, some Derpy Boyz to ruin all that is great, & looking for that glorious taste of Pizza when all hope seems lost.

Ever wanted to read a comic that had the thrills of a workout, with the laughs of a podcast and the nostalgia of an N64? Probably never crossed your mind till now. Well in Pizza Boyz, the sitcom-styled comic goes into the fray of what is best in life. Creating martial arts movies with friends, finding the easy street way of making money until your podcast takes off, being cautious of that guy at the gym, and utilizing the secret powers that Mario Kart holds. And of course, grabbing a slice of some good times pizza.

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