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Prince Adventures: Genesis #1

Humans aren’t God’s only greatest creation. On the same day God created man he also created intelligent, half-animal beings called humals. Ever since Satan was cast out of the heavens due to his pride, he’s made it his mission to cause chaos to the perfect world God manifested. Let the true battle between good and evil begin.

L.B. Jr.

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

The Trinity, three humal brothers, Prince Han, Nai and Akil Tehuti, are chosen by God to stop Lord Satan’s plans for world and possibly universal domination.

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1 review for Prince Adventures: Genesis #1

  1. Timothy Forbes (verified owner)

    Prince Adventures Genesis is a unique take on the traditional Creation story found in the book of Genesis. It provides the reader with background knowledge of how Orion was created. In addition, it provides a brief overview of the seven different kingdoms each housing a different humal race and one kingdom with a human population. The author of the comic has announced that a worldmap of Orion coming soon (I cannot wait). Last, but not least PA Genesis introduces the main heroes and villains of the story. I have been so hyped for this series ever since I watched the very first promo release for it on IMDB. I am a major fantasy and sci-fi nerd and before Prince Adventures, Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere was my favorite fictional universe. However, I believe Prince Adventures is on par with Brandon Sanderson’s work.

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