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Rage In The Shadows #1

Federal Agent Angelica Garcia is forcefully injected with an untested, unstable serum designed to cure all ailments within the body. It somehow increased all of her physical abilities to superhuman levels. But to her dismay, she discovers that the same serum that gave her superhuman abilities is also slowly killing her.

Ralph Henriquez, Emilio Utrera

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Agent Garcia goes on a quest to find a cure to her dilemma. A serum that has enhanced her physical abilities is slowly killing her. Unfortunately, she’s sided tracked when she discovers her husband, Dr. Jaime Garcia, the creator of the serum is kidnapped by deadly mercenaries who force him to make more of the deadly substance to sell on the black market to the highest bidder. To ensure he keeps his word, the mercenaries also kidnap their daughter Christina as leverage. It’s a race against time for Agent Garcia to rescue her family, stop the serum from being distributed on the black market, and find a cure before she dies!

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1 review for Rage In The Shadows #1

  1. comixzone32 (verified owner)

    I love the way Agent Garcia is introduced in this comic. She is sneaking into the hideout in search of her kidnapped daughter and she is only shown in silhouette. Then she lurks in the darkness as she is now literally in the shadows. When the henchmen get close to where she is all that can be seen from her is those piercing, completely white eyes.

    As seen in one of the preview pages she successfully rescues her daughter. It was rather cathartic to see her deliver a beatdown against one of the henchmen holding her daughter captive on the page before that. One of my favorite panels is from that page as we can see the absolute rage she is in as she pummels them. The color tone being in all red emphasizes that. The panel right after shows her fist dripping in their blood. The lesson here is to never mess with a mama’s child. Especially one who is of Mexican descent as Garcia is. I’m sure you may have heard of the wrath they could bring with only just a chancla (sandal in Spanish).

    The art for this comic done by Emilio Utrera was decent though it can be off at times with page 3 being an example where it shows the two henchmen and Christina being held hostage as the perspective seems wonky there. Also the women holding Garcia’s husband captive looked similar to Garcia herself so it confused me for a moment when she was introduced. It doesn’t help that she is also wearing a skintight suit for whatever reason as well. Other than those slight issues I found the art to be fine throughout.

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