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Red String Omnibus Vol. 1

“Finding your path in the world even when your path has already been chosen for you.”

Gina Biggs

Manga Sized Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 632

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When first-year high school student Miharu Ogawa gets a call from her parents, telling her to come straight home from school, she prepares herself for the worst. After all, the last time her quirky restauranteur parents told her to come straight home she ended up as a contestant on a kiddy game show! But nothing she ever imagined could have prepared her for their “great news” . . . Miharu is getting married! How’s a spirited and independent teenager who has never even been kissed supposed to deal with suddenly having a fiance she’s never even met? In a world of obligations and high expectations Miharu is met by strange twists of fate in her journey through adolescence. Can she find the courage to stay true to herself without sacrificing her own dreams and desires for the sake of conformity? With her family, friends (and enemies!) to cope with, will Miharu even have time to discover her own true love, the one person connected to her by the red string of destiny?

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