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Red String Omnibus Vol 3

What do you do when destiny is tied up in knots? Will the bonds of these friends and lovers be strong enough to find their journey’s end?

Gina Biggs

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 508

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“There is no rose without thorns, no love without consequences.” As their summer vacation comes to an end, Miharu and her friends are each about to take a life-changing turn in their journeys through adolescence. Miharu has finally admitted to her growing feelings for Makoto. Just as the new couple decides on where to go for their first official date, the past comes back to haunt them with an ominous phone call from Kazuo”s mother asking for help. Eiji”s final days in summer school take a dangerous turn when a teacher’s reprimanding turns to rage. Reika and Eiji also find their relationship is growing deeper and calls to light all of their fears about the future. Fuuko and Hanae”s relationship is being put to the test as they deal with disapproving parents and a death in the family.

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