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Rocky Jones Space Ranger Vol 1

A collection of Charlton Comics adaptation of the beloved classic 1950s TV show, presented by ex-Charlton editor and E-Man co-creator NICK CUTI!

Bernard Krigstein, Nicola Cuti, Ken Fitch, Joe Gill, Michael Ressner, Vince Alascia, Frank Frollo, Ted Galindo, Dick Giordano, Roy Osrin, Tony Tallarico, Charlotte Jetter, Ben Oda

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

From SPACE ADVENTURES #15 March, 1955: SPACE INFANTRY The secret origin of Rocky Jones and how he joined the Space Rangers. VELOCITY X Professor Newton devises an incredible new rocket fuel but is betrayed by his assistant who steals it to use against the United Worlds of the Solar System! SPACE FACTS Information on the real-life Rocky Jones Silvercup Rocket that traveled America in the 1950s! INVENTIONS OF TOMORROW Some of these ideas from the mid-20th century are now fact! THE RINGED PLANET Facts on the wondrous rings of Saturn! FIRST LANDING The very strange story of Myra Trent and her desire to reach outer space! BROADCAST TO THE UNIVERSE The use of radio waves and radar to track the solar system in the 1950s! EARTH”S VEILED SISTER Speculation on our sister planet Venus! TOO MANY METEORS! Rocky Jones is called to investigate the strange case of interplanetary cargo ships under attack from meteors! OUT-POST OF EMPIRE How the British Interplanetary Society planned to conquer the moon! From SPACE ADVENTURES #16 May, 1955: THE FORBIDDEN FREQUENCY What on Earth, or off it, is causing people to do things against their will? THE PETRIFIED MAN A cowboy sheriff is thawed out and turns out to be an ancestor of Winky, Rocky”s second-in-command of the Orbit Jet! INVENTIONS OF TOMORROW Another installment of things that might happen in the future! SECRET OF THE SUN The story of our local star, from the myths of Apollo to facts as they stood half a century ago! JEALOUSY ON KANO Dr. Carl Lexikon gets transported to the planet Kano and becomes involved in royal intrigue! WEATHER IS A WEAPON How climate is used for war! WORLDS OF ICE Can mining ice on other planets create oxygen, water and hydrogen fuel? THE LAND OF PERPETUAL LIGHT! Earth makes our moon a bright place! BONUS FEATURES: ROCKY JONES AND ME The story behind the ROCKY JONES, Space Ranger TV show that inspired these Charlton Comics by the world-famous comics creator and filmmaker NICOLA CUTI. COVER GALLERY The original covers to Charlton”s SPACE ADVENTURES #15 & 16, introducing the TV”s Space Rangers to the world of comics! PLUS Two of the original pulpy text tales from the magazines: SPACE SHIP COURAGE and ROOM TO LIVE! NOTE: These stories have been reproduced from the vintage comics of over 60 years ago. Attempts have been made to clean up the pages to make them look as close to the original printed experience as possible, flaws and all!


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