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Rocky Jones Space Ranger Vol 2

A collection of Charlton Comics adaptation of the beloved classic 1950s TV show, presented by ex-Charlton editor and E-Man co-creator NICK CUTI!

Nicola Cuti, Michael Ambrose, Joe Gill, Michael Ressner, John Belfi, Frank Frollo, Ted Galindo, Dick Giordano, Roy Osrin, Tony Tallarico, Mort Todd, Charlotte Jetter, Ben Oda

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

From SPACE ADVENTURES #17 July, 1955: FATE OF THE TREASURE SEEKERS Lured by fabulous treasures, wealthy bachelors finance expeditions… only to become lost in space! Rocky Jones and the crew of the Orbit Jet investigate! THE ARK The mysterious and beautiful Hella prophesizes doom! With the promise of a space ark to save those deemed worthy, Rocky must find out the truth behind her fatal predictions! TALK ABOUT SPEED By the time you finish reading this page, you will have traveled 5000 miles… believe it or not! INVENTIONS OF TOMORROW Mini-TVs, small math calculators, jet-propelled ice skates… could it ever happen? THE INVISIBLES They came out of nowhwere and were shaped like nothing! Is there any chance Rocky Jones can possibly stop such a menace? ACTION ON URANUS Space thieves hold the lovely Thura hostage… and that makes it personal for Inter-Planetary Space Agent Lance Gregg! From SPACE ADVENTURES #18 September, 1955: GRAVITY-PLUS A psychotic scientist develops a way to increase gravity with horrifying results! Rocky Jones must use his cunning abilities to thwart the menace! THE PRISON PLANETOID A tale guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your contour seats from its action-packed start to its snapper ending! INVENTIONS OF TOMORROW Space platforms, electronic brains and spring powered rocket launchers! Is Elon Musk aware of this? TWO WORLDS A test pilot has a very, very close encounter with a flying saucer! Originally published in Space Adventures #6 (May 1953). RACE TO THE MOON A space race no one has ever considered. Multiple rockets launching at the same time! Who will win? Also from Space Adventures #6. PLUS a ROCKY JONES pin-up by MORT TODD. BONUS FEATURES: ROCKY JONES AND THE SILVERCUP ROCKET Top secret information on the real-life Rocky Jones rocket that toured America in the 1950s… and its ultimate fate! ROCKY JONES AND CHARLTON COMICS Elucidating background on Charlton Comics and their licensing properties that led to Rocky Jones appearing in Space Adventures by Michael Ambrose, publisher of Charlton Spotlight! MISSION: THE MOON A fascinating article from 1955 about the Silvercup Rocky Jones Rocket with amazing behind-the-scenes photos! COVER GALLERY The original covers to Charlton”s SPACE ADVENTURES #17 & 18, continuing the exploits of TV”s Space Rangers in the world of comics! PLUS Two of the original pulpy text tales from the magazines: DOWN TO EARTH and ROBINSON CRUSOE OF SPACE! NOTE: These stories have been reproduced from the vintage comics of over 60 years ago. Attempts have been made to clean up the pages to make them look as close to the original printed experience as possible, flaws and all!


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