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Scaley Hillbillies #1

Dr. Goobs finds out that after years of thinking his experiment was a failure due to the hillbilly, he experimented on getting eaten by a gator. Dr. Goobs soon finds out the wildlife of the swamp got affected by his experiment and soon finds it was a success, so he hires the best poacher in the world to retrieve one of these so-called Scaley Hillbillies.

Paul A. Gallagher

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 82

After a brain enhancement drug gets unleashed in the swamps of Louisianna. The creatures of the swamp get a little smarter, and a little wackier. A scientist will stop at nothing to get the secret to these highly intelligent creatures but, of course, nature should never be messed with unless someone wants nature to give a butt whooping.

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