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Section 12 Declassified #3

When Ward surprises someone breaking into his store, the thief gets more than she bargains for. A secret revealed about her past.

Len Mihalovich, Dominic Racho, Amalia Garcia

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

In 1994, the top secret US government project Section 12 represented the pinnacle of human science and engineering. The project developed medical procedures, weapons, and other technology decades beyond anything we have today. Now it’s all GONE. People have largely believed the Section 12 project to be a myth. Other believers from all over the world have spent years searching for this fictional treasure-trove of technology, but have found nothing. All project records have vanished, the buildings have been destroyed, and former personnel are either dead or missing. Join our all new team of adventurers on their Treasure hunt for the truth.

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