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Section 12 Flashback #1

An army officer wakes up to discover he is a prisoner of Section 12, a highly classified U.S. Government project designed to keep scientific failures a secret. Before he is able to find out much more he stumbles into an escape attempt by the projects most dangerous residents.

Len Mihalovich, Phil Miller

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Section 12 was an indie comic book super hero series that debuted back in 1994. The book explored the idea that every year there are numerous scientific breakthroughs thanks to funding from government grants and private corporations. News of these advancements are widespread through the population, however little is heard about the hundreds of scientific failures that also occur each year. Enter Section 12, a top secret U.S. Government project which is designed to keep scientific failures out of the public eye. The project’s unique and often reluctant “retrieval team” is comprised of super-powered beings blackmailed into working for the government. Section 12 (Flashback) is one of three new titles offered Lenovations press. This series represents a return to these original adventures set in 1994. While the other titles will explore Lost Adventures and stories set in the modern day.

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