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Sham Spotlite #1 Johnny Sassback

Johnny Sassback is the abrasive P.I. whose mouth writes checks that his fists can’t cash and his bank account is always overdrawn. Based on the comic Johnny Danger #1, and only, from 1954. The original text has been removed and in its place is something new and hilarious for all you mature readers.

Timothy Fuller

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Johnny takes you on a long walk down the mean streets of Hoboken as he searches for a rich man’s mistress who would rather not be found. As a reluctant Libertarian, Johnny mouths off to the New Jersey Governor and finds himself on the wrong side of a high-stakes political debate to the death. And he tackles his deadliest case yet deep in the seedy underbelly of Chinatown’s illegal Tide Pod trade. All this, plus outrageous ads for Guns For Tykes, X-Rated Specs, Army Surplus Hand Grenades, and Detective Technical College.


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