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John Aman Amazing Man #2

John Aman attempts to contact the missing Zoe Henderson via unexpected means. X-Bureau Operations Chief Sylvia Manners presents her analysis of John Aman to X-Bureau Director Armitage Devlin. Meanwhile, X-Bureau operatives Blue Beetle and Miss Masque bring in escaped fugitive Rodent the Ratman. Dr. Vampire deals with an unanticipated circumstance and Sylvia Manners attempts to convince Aman to let the X-Bureau assist him in his search for Zoe. While at Valley Forge in 1791 a shape-shifter attempts to assassinate General Washington. Unconnected events? Of course not!

Barry Gregory, Steven Butler

Standard Comic
Full Color
24 Pages

“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”, Part Two of a Six-Part Graphic Novel.

The All-New Adventures of a Classic Comic Book Hero begin right here! John Aman Amazing Man is an ongoing series that reads like a blockbuster, crossover/event-style comic. Populated by updated versions of classic characters created by legendary creators such as Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Bill Everette, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and many, many more, John Aman Amazing Man is genre-bending, broad-canvas, long-form, serialized, old school action/adventure storytelling. You know, the kind of comics you thought no one was making any more!

As an orphan from the US Midwest, John Aman is taken to a secret lamasery in the Himalayas. There he spends decades honing himself to physical and mental perfection while also being trained in all manner of arcane arts and practices so that he might return to America as its protector. John Aman Amazing Man is based on the classic Golden Age character created by comics great Bill Everette (creator of Namor the Submariner and co-creator of Marvel’s Daredevil).


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2 reviews for John Aman Amazing Man #2

  1. Fredrick Crosby (verified owner)

    The first two issues of this series are great! Both the artwork and the writing have an old school feel. It’s nice to see these unsung golden age characters getting a fresh look. I can’t recommend these books enough!

  2. Evan Quiring (verified owner)

    I’m really digging’ this series! No, scratch that, I am addicted to this series! Issue #2 was a really good read and I want more more! Once again, Mr. Gregory and Mr. Butler have more than delivered the goods with great story, characterization and artwork.

    In addition to the the title character, many other golden age, public domain characters have been brought into the Gallant Comics Universe – last issue we got Dr. Vampire, The Black Angel (sans costume) and The Hooded Horseman. This issue, we’re introduced to Miss Masque and the freakin’ Golden Age Blue Beetle!! (I’m a fan of both the Dan Garret and Ted Kord versions.)

    I’d also like to note, Miss Masque has the best lines in this issue and that made me laugh out loud.
    “You know you’re pretty uptight for a guy raised by Buddhist Monks.”
    I think she’s starting to become my favourite supporting character in this book!

    Once again, a damn good read accompanied by excellent artwork. I anxiously await issue #3 in the mail.

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