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Sheath #3

Benjamin Worrell, Shane Miles, Sarah Menzel,CJ Jeffrey

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

A high school graduation party (adult supervision-free) is the perfect setting for startling revelations, important twists and turns, and the chance for Ethan to finally unleash his powerful telekinetic abilities.

Ethan Cooper has been having some really strange dreams: An unearthly landscape. A figure cloaked in black. A mysterious sword. When Ethan dreams, he is IMPORTANT, AFRAID, & POWERFUL. Now, Ethan”s dreams and reality collide as the strange powers and terrifying villains of his visions materialize in his everyday life. In a time where ordinary people are faced with amazing adventures and heroes become legends, one question will define Ethan”s past and future and seal the fate of the entire universe: WHAT IS THE SHEATH?

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