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Sheath #4

Benjamin Worrell,Shane Miles,CJ Jeffrey

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Ethan is finally able to confront the red-headed warrior of his dreams! As college looms on the horizon and secrets are uncovered, this revelation-heavy episode finally answers the question on everybody’s mind: what is The SHEATH?

Ethan Cooper has been having some really strange dreams: An unearthly landscape. A figure cloaked in black. A mysterious sword. When Ethan dreams, he is IMPORTANT, AFRAID, & POWERFUL. Now, Ethan”s dreams and reality collide as the strange powers and terrifying villains of his visions materialize in his everyday life. In a time where ordinary people are faced with amazing adventures and heroes become legends, one question will define Ethan”s past and future and seal the fate of the entire universe: WHAT IS THE SHEATH?


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