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Short Fuse Presents: Nightwasp #1

Nightwasp is a superhero satire centering on Nightwasp, his sidekick Ferret Lad, and their titanic struggles with super villains, jealous superheroes, greedy agents and rabid reporters!

Keith Crook, Scott Shaw!, Alan Otero, David Aravena, Evan Willhamster

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Nightwasp battles Weatherman and Narcissus — two of the hardest to book baddies in Comicdom. And a Superhero fundraiser poses a threat to Ward Woodcock’s chastity and Nightwasp’s leadership role with the Superhero Club of America!


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2 reviews for Short Fuse Presents: Nightwasp #1

  1. Evan Quiring (verified owner)

    First off, this has got to be one of the best comic book series I have read in the past ten years. Keith Crook’s writing is hilarious! The artwork is excellent! Seriously, buy this comic book, it’s damn funny!

    The only reason I gave four stars is that the inside front and back covers are blank, white sheets. For some weird reason, this doesn’t sit well with me. No other information (i.e. like who drew and colored this book or who Short Fuse Media Group is) is provided. The blank pages could’ve had something, anything. A pin-up of Nightwasp or something like that. Despite this small discrepancy, I really love Nightwasp and I love this series. Again, buy this book!

  2. Charles Mosteller (verified owner)

    Be it ever so humble, there’s no superhero like Nightwasp.

    Well, actually, there is. These days, there’s a superhero for every occasion – and then some. There’s more superheroes than one can shake a stick at. So, what makes Nightwasp special?

    In a word, everything!

    Judged simply in terms of laughs delivered, Nightwasp is a winner, hands down. In fact, I don’t know of any comic book series that has made me laugh so much over the entire span of time that I have been reading comic books.

    I started out reading comic books as a kid. Nightwasp is like graduating to something better – or to a better form of the same thing. Any fool can pull on a set of tights. Any moron can don a cape and boots. But it takes a special sort of somebody to put meat on the bones of entertainment – and that’s exactly what the Nightwasp series does for comic books.

    In a world gone crazy, in a world gone mad (I’m talking about the day-to-day reality that we all live in, and not about a comic book setting), if there is any time-honored tradition that never wears thin, it is the sound of your own laughter that manifests itself in such a way that you can’t wait to turn the next page.

    There is so much that the Nightwasp series packs into its issues. Here, the sum of the series is greater than its individual parts. I started Issue #1, not knowing quite what to expect. By the time that make my way through the entire run to date, I’m hooked!

    Nightwasp is (Dare I say it?) a good read. Solid entertainment! So many quips that grabbed my tickle bone and just wouldn’t let go. Excellent timing on the delivery of punch lines. And the innuendo? Fuggedaboutit! You could pave a street with it, its so thick.

    Honestly, I was hooked at Issue #2. Once I saw the front cover, I HAD to read it! And boy am I ever glad that I did.

    Issue #1 is a place setter. It introduces the basic cast of characters to you. It sets the stage for what is yet to come. It portends greater things!

    And the Nightwasp series doesn’t disappoint. Unlike a lot of comic books, though, Nightwasp is an exercise in storytelling that retains the reader’s interest. It is a series that pokes fun at so many things, you’ll have a difficult time keeping track of them all.

    Nightwasp works, because the characters within its pages come alive with human flaws. None of them are perfect! It is this human shortcoming element that proves to be a gold mine for this series. In conjunction with the freight train of humor that runs the length of the entire series, what Nightwasp gives back to comics are a cast of characters that one can both relate to and fall in love with, whether they be heroes or villains.

    The name of this comic book series is Nightwasp. The real sting of this series is the realization that, if you’re not reading Nightwasp, then you’re really missing out.

    If you’re looking for something well worth reading, then it’s time to get mighty, and grab yourself the entire run of Nightwasp, without delay or debate. To not read Nightwasp is an act of villainy to your own self. You deserve better – and Nightwasp is better than what you’re currently reading!

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