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Short Fuse Presents: Nightwasp #2

Nightwasp is a superhero satire centering on Nightwasp, his sidekick Ferret Lad, and their titanic struggles with super villains, jealous superheroes, greedy agents and rabid reporters!

Keith Crook, Scott Shaw!, Alan Otero

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

“Gasp!” Has somebody figured out that Ward Danforth Woodcock, III and Nightwasp are one and the same? As Ward investigates, he”s left to fight a fiendishly feathered, new super villain alone as Ferret Lad deserts his post in order to score with a superhero groupie.


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2 reviews for Short Fuse Presents: Nightwasp #2

  1. Evan Quiring (verified owner)

    As much I love Nightwasp #1 i love Nightwasp #2 even more! It’s been a long time since a comic book has made me laugh out loud. As a result of that, I will overlook the fact that once again, the book’s inside front and back covers are just blank sheets. I dunno, for some weird reason, this just bothers me. Nonetheless, this particular issue reads like something out of Mad Magazine or The Onion. The villain Narcissus sings Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” (A song I particularly detest) to stop Nightwasp and his sidekick, Ferret Lad. I laughed like a mental patient when a female fan asks Ferret Lad, “Why aren’t you going to host the Teen Choice Awards this Year?” to which he replies ” ‘Cause I’m like 40, yo!” Keith Crook is out of his mind and I love it. If you do anything nice for yourself this year, pick up this book.

  2. Charles Mosteller (verified owner)

    This issue is one of those “slap your grandma” moments.

    Holy mother of comic books! Talk about reaching out and grabbing my interest! It was all that I could do to force myself past the front cover. The front cover of Nightwasp Issue #2 is a cross between poetry in motion and sheer literary force in dialogue form.

    Issue #2 is where it all gets real. This is where the Nightwasp series begins to hit the big league of reader interest, and there are no words to adequately convey the impact that a properly designed cover replete with choice wording can make upon a prospective reader.

    Take my money, already! I don’t even have to turn the page to the inside. This comic, this issue, this star in the cosmos of my comic book interest is about as subtle as a thermonuclear bomb going off in downtown Manhattan. This series has moxie! This series has full blown in-your-face attitude! This series knows what it wants to deliver to the reader – and it delivers in spades.

    To peel back the onion of this entire series, what one becomes witness to is a pièce de résistance of dialogue bearing down on you. Indeed, it is the dialogue, itself, which is the real hero of this comic book series, for that is where the biggest and best of the real action is. Make no mistake about it – Nightwasp is a comic book series that is playing for keeps, and what it succeeds in is keeping your interest, and in keeping you laughing, time after time after the proverbial time.

    If you read Issue #1 of the Nightwasp series, then you ain’t read nothing, yet. Not since Foghorn Leghorn held sway in the days of my youth have I encountered a chicken character that caught my fancy the way that the Hen did. While Nightwasp is the name on the front cover, the Hen invariably steals the show. Take that, Nightwasp!

    And in Issue #2, the Hen comes front and center, and he’s aiming to do more than to ruffle a few feathers. It will take more than one issue for his plan to pan out, but in the meantime, you don’t want to miss the sideshows that populate this issue. A certain hottie has got the hots for old Ward Woodcock (Gotta love that name!), and lest he be forgotten, Issue #2 may well be Ferret Lad’s finest moment ever. Not quite up to Silver Stag level, of course, but then again, who is?

    Silver Stag made his appearance in the Nightwasp series in Issue #1. Hands down, he’s one of Nightwasp creator Keith Crook’s best characters – even if he is underused, as all of the truly greatest characters in Comicdom ever have been across the different ages. This can only portend that even greater things are yet to come, I believe. Creator Keith Crook is a devil in his own right to bedevil Nightwasp readers by keeping Silver Stag all penned up.

    But Issue #2 is not the Silver Stag’s day. No, there’s a hodgepodge of different characters all vying for your attention here, as this series begins to break into a stride all its own in Issue #2.

    Nightwasp Issue #2 dishes up a hefty helping of colorful wordplay. Creator Keith Crook exploits the many nuances of humor, making every reader of the Nightwasp series a winner. Nightwasp may be an indie comic, but it’s masterfully written and the humor in it is incredibly addicting!

    Plus, it’s very affordable, and worth every cent! Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, though, because it takes more than just one issue for the Hen to hatch his plot.

    Join the Wasp Nation, today, by grabbing yourself a copy of Issue #2, and whatever you do, don’t look back! Why? Because there’s more issues up ahead!

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