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Skidd Kidd And Kirplunk #2


Mike Pugh, Mike Dyson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32
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While trying to retrieve his baseball from the chemical infested sewage water Billy falls in and is pulled out by his faithful companion, Kirby. After they are both cleaned up and given a clean bill of health from both the doctor and the veterinarian they return home to resume their normal lives. Soon enough they discover that their bodies are starting to change in many ways. A new villain has come to life and has been working with the professor to create an army so that he may rule over the city of Gastropolis. The citizens are unaware of this tyrant and his minions until the day of the high school graduation. Will this be the day where Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk finally have to use their unusual powers to save the city and its citizens from his domination? Let the farting commence!

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